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Frida in orange

Frida in orange

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You know me, I LOVE FRIDA!

This is another of my very special, hand sculpted, handmade fabric Frida Dolls by Danita. This time, my favorite muse has a very beautiful pouty mouth, the loveliest melancholic eyes and a very colorful dress.

Her face is sculpted with paper clay to give her my famous sad eyes, big and full of expression. All you will want to do is cuddle her in your arms when you see her little face!

I poured her hands and feet with liquid ceramic on my own molds here in my studio, just to make sure that everything on her is handmade from top to bottom :)

The dress is designed and handmade by me, all from scratch from fabrics I buy in Mexico, just like the ones used by our ethnic traditions for the colorful clothes Mexicans are known for. And topping everything off, flowers in her black mohair hair. She would not be Frida without them... And her famous unibrow, of course.

I hope you can adopt this beautiful handcrafted doll, she is looking forward to a home where she will be loved for her beauty and tender soul. when you take her to your home, she will become your art muse and will look after everything you create :)

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