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Frida in turquoise and gold

Frida in turquoise and gold

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I wanted to do something special with one of my favorite Frida paintings, so I took some flecks of gold colored glitter and mixed them with resin, and them combined them with beautiful metal charms and a colorful image of Frida Kahlo, painted by me, mixed media artist Danita.

This handcrafted bracelet is an eclectic alchemy of different material and textures, like the gold mica flakes I used on the shiny charms, the turquoise colored faceted bead, a double antique brass chain or the elephant shaped clasp on one end.

You can't go wrong when you wear this beautiful handmade bracelet on your wrist. Frida's fierce Spirit will protect you everyday, and she will give you the courage to tackle the most daunting tasks life may throw at you.

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