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Sometimes, an instant will change your life. Forever.

And you stumble your existence without really understanding what happened to you. All you know is that everything has changed, and it will never be the same.

This beautiful handmade art doll was made by me, mixed media artist and doll maker, Danita Art.

She measures approx. 13 inches tall, and lives in a wooden coffin lined up with purple velvet. Ida will sleep peacefully in her box until you pick her up and play with her so she does not feel alone any more.

Her clothes are tarnished and torn, they really represent my mood right now, holding on by stitches and the will to continue existing, because the alternative is worse.

Her head is hand sculpted in paperclay and is articulated, she can turn it around. In her hands, a handmade doll that keeps her company on her eternal sleep can be detached from her hands and it's fully articulated, but would you really want to do that to her?


Are you interested in reserving her?

I have a layaway program where you can keep a doll on hold for up to three months!

Contact me if you are interested!

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