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James the snowman

James the snowman

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The first snow just fell and it's time to make snowmen!

These adorable mixed media snowman doll was created by me, Danita. I up-cycled a plastic doll I found on the thrift store and made a new head for it with paper clay.

Then I took scrap pieces of fabric from my larger doll doll projects and made a jumpsuit for each. Then I took some fabric and paper and made their hats, accented with vintage style tinsel and a matching pompon on top.

Each doll is unique, and has it's own unique personality. Some are blue because the sun will come out and they are afraid to melt, and other are jolly to be able to play with you, and all of them are super lovable!

I'm sure you will find one that matches your holiday personality and they will be more than happy to keep you company all day long!

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