Lost in my mind

Lost in my mind

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This will be the typical me, lost in thought out of the blue, just staring at empty space. To the layman, it will look suspiciously very much like goofing off, but little do they know that I am lost in my own world.

This one goes out to you, the daydreamers and the weirdos of the world... you are not alone. We live in a deep and rich private world that very few have even glimpsed, and even less understand.

Take this little watercolor painting with you to remind you that it's OK to dream, and to get lost in the fertile wonderlands of our minds.

This is a reproduction of an original painting by me, Danita Art. Printed on very high quality paper, it reproduces every little detail of the original for you to enjoy, framed or unframed.

Choose from the different options and sizes offered on my shop and choose your favorite. Paper looks amazing when framed and the wood blocks are ready to hang. Instant decoration options for your favorite corner!

All my prints are printed with high quality fade resistant inks, amazing paper and lots of love :)