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Making friends is hard

Making friends is hard

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I created this painting while remembering my best friends, and how difficult is is to make new friends as you get older, so we must do our best to keep our real friends really close.

This is an original mixed media collage painting by me, Danita Art. Created from the heart, with love and memories from my life.

it measures 8x8 inches, created on a thick gallery style wood panel using a great variety of art techniques like pastels, acrylics, colored pencils, oil paint and paper collage.

The two girls are best friends, you can see they trust and love each other when you look into their detailed eyes that look at your with a sweet melancholy, the signature of my style.

Adopt this's painting, it will be the best reminder of your lasting friendships, and of course it will be an amazing gift for your best friend!

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