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Me and my wolf

Me and my wolf

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I've got a thing for children's stories, I love reading them, I love looking at illustrations of them and I definitively love making art about them.

This time it's a girl and her wolf, ready to enjoy a beautiful day with a picnic on the forest and then playing hide and seek deep in the woods.

I love the innocence of these characters, some may say that they friendship is not meant to be. But I dare to digress, I think they will be friends for a long time, and will play in the forest until she is old, and stays in her bed waiting for her granddaughter to bring her soup.

This original mixed media painting my me, Danita Art, measures 8x10 inches and it's made on a stretched canvas on a wooden frame.

Both the wolf and the girl have very detailed and beautiful eyes and faces, and super cute details like the polka dot bow tie and her matching cape, or their picnic basked made with pages from vintage Mexican books from the early 20th century.

The painting is signed and dated on one corner, and it's ready to be displayed on your wall as soon as you take it out of the box.

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