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Me In The Box - Original Painting

Me In The Box - Original Painting

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My art consists on very surreal images that depict my dreamworld, the place where my mind dwells before I  awake and when I daydream. here is a self portrait, with me holding myself in a jack-in-the-box toy. I love the way my eyes look on this painting, very big, an eerie blue with life like details on them. They hypnotize you when you look at them.

This is an original painting by me, mixed media artist Danita Art. Made on a 6"x6" wooden canvas, the painting has a mix of elements and materials that creates a beautiful vintage and weathered ambiance that gives this original piece a mysterious look. Take a look at the closeup details to discover rich textures, beautiful paper applications, delicate brushstrokes and pages from vintage books from the early 20th century. Everything combines to create a one of a kind piece of art

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