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She is a blonde witch, living on the outskirts of the forest brewing her potions for the coming Halloween night.

This amazing witchcraft art doll was created by me, Danita Art, using paper clay, fabric scraps and objects found on thrifty and antique stores.

She lives on a book shaped box, and the whole assemblage measures approximately 18 inches tall.

Her clothes are totally handmade by me using pieces of fabric from here and there's, creating a very special outfit specially designed for her.

She is wearing a skull bow on her super blonde hair, and she has a matching pin down her lacy blouse.

If you are a Halloween lover of dark and foreboding things with a whimsical look, where things are innocent at first look but not so much when you give them a second look (Just look at her sculpted hands!), you will love this one of a kind art doll by Danita.

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