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Online class: Mixed media from the heart

Online class: Mixed media from the heart

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When I paint, I paint from the heart. I capture my dreams, my hopes, my reality and my daydreaming into my art.

If you've ever struggled to find what you like and wondered how to create meaningful art that becomes personal and full of passion, this workshop will be perfect for you.

More than just a painting class, I will show you the mixed media techniques I use on my paintings to journey through my process for creating mixed media art as an outlet for my dreams, my worries and my imagination to create art with a personal and distinctive style that you will love to call your own.

This course consists on 5 sections of inspiration

  • Color and Inspiration. In this week we will get inspired! We'll search for those things that really put us in a creative mood and learn how to start and keep a color diary. We'll also explore our personal symbols and begin shaping your true voice.
  • Backgrounds. We can stay in this topic forever! Backgrounds are my favorite thing to paint and collage and we will have lots of fun creating different backgrounds and papers for our mixed media pieces and art journals during this week.
  • Art Journaling. I find that keeping an art journal has helped me grow as an artist and find my true voice and I want to share that experience with you. In this week we will learn more about art journaling. We will play with our materials as preparation to paint and have lots of fun.
  • From sketchbook to canvas. In this week we will begin to construct a mixed media piece from scratch. Follow me as I guide you through my process, from finding the idea to translating it to canvas.
  • Putting it all together. In our last week we will continue working in our pieces. I'll show you my method to finish a piece and we will have our show and tell. It will be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what you create from your heart in this class!

What are the requirements?
Do you know how to grab a pencil and how to hold a brush? Then you're set.
No previous painting skills are necessary, we will start developing simple ideas into more complex paintings by the end of the class.
You will need acrylic paints, brushes, canvas or paper, collage paper, glue and other basic artist's materials. You can review the complete list of materials on the preview.

What am I going to get from this course?
Over 54 lectures and 6 hours of content!
Have a better understanding of my creative process, and how you too can use your emotions and experiences to create beautiful art.
Have an art journal to keep ideas from going away when you have them.
Release your emotional richness into your personal art.
Develop a personal style that will give a special signature to your art.
Have new mixed media skills and techniques to incorporate into your creations.
What is the target audience?

This class is intended to teach more more than just painting.

It's also about finding your own motivation and personal style while we explore my creative process and learn togehter the mixed media techniques I use to create beautiful art. Everyone is welcome! Beginners looking to start on mixed media, and seasoned artists looking for new inspiration and techniques.


Section 1: Welcome!
List Of Materials
Recommended Books

Section 2: Color And Inspiration
Welcome to mixed media from the heart
Studio Tour
Getting Inspired
What are you after?
What inspires me?
Color journals
Color journal
Adding the vintage wash
Inspirational prompts
Interview with Jenny Doh
Section wrap up

Section 3: Painting The Backgrounds
Let's start painting backgrounds
Addicted to paper
Priming your surface
Altering paper with paint and stamps
Putting all together
Interview with Mystele Kirkeeng
Wrap Up

Section 4: Art Journaling
Welcome to the art journaling section
What is art journaling?
Preparing your journal pages
Journal prompts
More background techniques
Journaling demo
Pages from my personal journals
Interview with Pam Garrison

Section 5: From sketchbook to canvas
Let's get started with a sketchbook
Keeping a sketchbook
From sketchbook to canvas
How to draw faces
Using carbon paper
Scanning and cutting
Drawing on canvas
Preparing a background
A practical demonstration of sketch into canvas
Sketch ideas
Interview with Anne-Julie Aubry

Section 6: Putting it all together
Painting faces
Dressing the figure
Adding shadows with soft pastels
A practical demo on drawing and shadowing
Adding rub-ons and stamps
Vintage style mica
Decorating the sides
Adding texture with gel medium
Distressing with crackle medium
Adding the vintage wash
Interview with Gustavo Aimar
Final words

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