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Paula, the music lover - Original art doll by Danita

Paula, the music lover - Original art doll by Danita

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My love for music brought me to create this art doll. Paula loves music, and she has hundreds of records that she plays in her vintage gramophone.

You are looking at a original, handmade paper clay and fabric art doll by Danita. Everything about this beautiful artwork is unique and custom made.

Her face is sculpted by hand in paper clay, then painted with mixed media techniques to give her glass eyes a lovely and melancholic expression that has little bit of Danita's soul in it.

Her hair is made with dyed wool, braided and styled just for her. Her clothes are also hand made, with little pockets in her dress where she can put her hands if she gets cold.

And then, last but not least, her gramophone! It's totally hand made, and it plays "Memories" when you turn the crank. It's so lovely!

She is waiting to go home with you and then share her vintage vinyl records with you in a rainy afternoon.

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