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Precious cargo

Precious cargo

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I made this painting thinking about my kids and how important is the role that we play when we care for them. In the end, they are the most precious cargo we will ever hold in our hands.

So, this little babushka girl with her red headdress and colorful collage paper dress turned out out be a self portrait, where I am flying on a yellow paper bird with paper collage feathers, and in my hands, a nest full of robin's eggs.

The chain in this necklace is about 24" long, adorned with bright red glass beads, metal chain in an oxidized brass color and turquoise glass beads around the 1 1/4" settings.

Everything on this beautiful handmade necklace and pendant is one of a kind, even the oxidized and battered metal bird charm that hangs at the bottom of this beautiful piece of wearable art.

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