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The red queen

The red queen

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Alice In wonderland is celebrating an amazing anniversary this year, and I am celebrating too with new dolls with the Alice in Wonderland theme! This is my interpretation of the red hearts queen, with beautiful details all over her!

This amazingly detailed doll measures 14 inches tall, completely hand made by me, Danita Art with patterns and clothes of my own design and confection.

She is wearing a beautiful gold flaked crown with a red heart, lace all over her neck and her undergarment, and a super fluffy black dress with folds, to complete the Royal look worthy of a queen ruler of Wonderland.

She has an insert of red hearts and white background, and her hands and feet are made out of hand casted resin, painted and decorated by me for a special doll.

Her heart shaped scepter is made of a vintage early 20th century glass ornament, with a custom made rod for her to hold and rule.

Her eyes have my signature look, they full of life and are ready to make heads roll if she does not have her way! Place her under an amazing glass case or on your favorite shelf, she will look royal, ruling over your domains.

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