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Renata is a very innocent girl who loves to read and spends her time on a fantasy world where she plays with fluffy bunnies, friendly foxes and majestic unicorns.

Another addition to my sculpted face dolls, Renata has a beautifully melancholic and sad face, with the most expressive eyes you can imagine. You will want to hug and comfort her once you have her in your hands.

Each of my dolls has a piece of my soul and lots of love in them, and they are as unique and original as my emotions when I am making them. You are not adopting only a pretty doll, but a little part of my life that I share with you.

Her hands and legs are made of hand painted ceramic I pour myself on molds, then paint and decorate it to make each of them as unique and original as they can be.

She is wearing a shabby dirty white dress I designed myself, and then decorated her with a purple ribbon for a touch of color. Her pigtails on her hair are just the icing on the cake!

She measures about 13 inches tall, with a soft body and articulated hands and legs so you can place her on your favorite shelf, and she will look amazing inside a standing glass case where you can display this amazing work of art, an original mixed media doll by me, Danita Art.

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