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Rose, the pink summer beach kokeshi doll

Rose, the pink summer beach kokeshi doll

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You know I am always looking for excuses to create little wood kokeshi dolls collections! They are perfect because I love working on projects at the time and I rarely visit one of the projects, so these collection are perfect for me because I can make a collection while keeping them fresh and exclusive, and it's always such a thrill to work with them. I love to make each one individually unique, with it's own personality.

Summer is here! And to celebrate the sunny days I created a series of bathing girls in my now famous wood kokeshi doll style. They are wearing a colorful polka dot bathing suit in vintage style, hand painted on their wooden bodies. Their faces have beautiful eyes I painted myself on each doll and a different hairdo on each to give them their own unique personalities.

They are also sporting a stylish striped paper clay floater around their waists so they can float away on the waves at their leisure, lazily taking things easy at the beaches of the Danita Sea. And when they are ready to go back home, they can go back to their boxes, each one decorated with a pencil illustration drawn by my own hands.

Each doll measures 2.5 Inches tall and comes with a hand decorated cardboard box where you can display her, or store her safely. (But why would you do that instead of displaying her all year long???)

See more of these beautiful dolls on my online shop, and choose your favorite, Don't walk, run to the shop before they swim away to their forever homes!

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