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Sailing away

Sailing away

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This painting came to my mind as I am sending my youngest kid to his first day of school. I have always been unable to let go of the things I love most, and I want to keep them close to my heart where I can protect them from the world. That's why she is holding to the paper boat so dearly, it's the last one to set sail to the unknown where she will no longer be the protector, only a spectator.

The painting measures 8x10 inches in a wooden panel, in thick gallery style, decorated with the painting background spilling to the sides of the painting.

For this original I used my alchemy of mixed media techniques, oils, pastels, acrylics, pencils, inks and collage papers to create a beautiful and sorrowful piece of original art.

Her ice blue eyes speak to you of her inner conflict, will they like the new paper boat? Will it be safe sailing in the sea of unknown? Only time can tell.

There are lots of beautiful hidden in plain sight details for yo to discover as your eyes travel trough the painting... ink stars, scribbled lines and pieces of vintage papers.

A one of a kind original painting by Danita, it will bring a smile for you every time you look at it.

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