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Sarah - Handmade soft doll

Sarah - Handmade soft doll

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An original, one of a kind handmade Art Doll made by me, Mixed Media Artist Danita Art.

I am back to doll making! And this is the latest addition to my growing collection of original dolls. I decided to try new things and techniques and these new dolls are the results of my experiments.

This mixed media art doll measures 6" Tall (15 cm) She has a beautiful, hand painted face with a very detailed face and expressive eyes. Her clothes are made of fabric scraps lying around on my studio, and she has a beautiful handmade yarn scarf around her neck. Her bubble purple color is felted wool, applied by hand strand by strand to her head.

She lives in a display box ( 9" x 4.5" x 2.5" ) that is decoupaged with pages from Mexican books from the early 20th century, and cut and placed to give it a vintage look.

You can take her out of the box and she can stand light play (I ALWAYS Play with my dolls!), or you can let her play with her doll house, she won't mind.

*Not intended as a toy or for children under the age of 12.

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