Sisters by candlelight: Halloween Mixed media painting by Danita.

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The sisters went in and explored the mansion at night, not knowing what spooky things they would find lurking in the dark.

You are looking at an original painting by Danita, measures 8x8 inches on stretched canvas, ready to hang.

When Halloween season approaches, Danita calls herself Darknita and she starts creating whimsical paintings to celebrate her favorite holiday. Her paintings feature her known girls with lively eyes and whimsical faces, and the element of horror and mystery is added to her creations.

You can get lost on the girl's eyes, and wonder the mystery of the haunted mansion they are exploring. There is something about the painting that makes it look frozen in time, in a moment of their adventure. Where will it take them? Only you will know when you adopt and hang your painting on your favorite spot.