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Snow is not something I get to see every day where I live, so I really relish every chance I get to enjoy it when it falls here, I dress up on my warmest clothes and go out and play while it is falling. I love the since and stillness of the moment, where you can hear every single snowflake fall.

This original mixed media painting was created by me, Danita art in my own studio and it's part of my Winter collection for 2006, it measures 8x8 inches on canvas and it's ready to mount or display on a shelf the moment you take it out of the box.

You can enjoy the girl's delicate face, her beautiful eyes and her tiny little hands, drawn on my signature whimsical and folk art style that everyone loves so much.

The girl's head is covered with a red scarf to keep her warm while she catches the falling snow in her hand.

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