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SPECIMEN N.8 - Original handmade night butterfly / moth art doll by Danita

SPECIMEN N.8 - Original handmade night butterfly / moth art doll by Danita

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I was outside with my kids at dawn and we saw the most beautiful moth I've ever seen fly by and stop on a flower next to us. We see them fluttering around a lot, but rarely I get the change to appreciate their soft bodies and their amazing muted patterns and colors.

I was inspired to create a series of art dolls for collectors, and I took inspiration from nature to make a set of handmade 10 dolls with articulate soft bodies, furry necks and beautiful wings that came from a vintage couch upholstery I found on one of excursions to thrift and antique shops.

Like all my dolls, each one is made from my own original patterns, starting with fabric that I dyed using organic materials, because I wanted them to look as natural and nature inspired as possible.

Each body is filled and shaped by hand, then sewn into a body that holds a beautiful air dry clay face, painted with my melancholic and mysterious eyes that you know so well.

Then, each wing is handmade from several layers of fabric to give them stiffness and each one has a unique pattern that makes each of them a unique piece of soft, huggable art.

They are not toys intended for child play, but they can be handled with ease and you can even play gently with them as you pretend you are in the deep fairy forest, enjoin a wonderful dusk in company of your night butterfly friends. (I know you can, because that's what I just did while I was photographing them!)

They are eager to go to their forever homes and find a place to live among your favorite shelf, together with all the beautiful things you consider important and like to look at every day.

They made me very happy while I was making them, and I am sure they will make you very happy too when you pick one to go live in your home.

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