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You are looking at a original red heart ceramic torso figure inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Idania Salcido, the artist behind Danita Art.

The little hearts heart live in the deep Danitaland forests, and I like to go over there once the winter snows start melting to collect specimens looking for a forever home.

They start as cute little lumps of clay on the forest floor that I bring back to the studio to hand sculpt and glaze before sending them to my kiln for an alchemic fiery transformation.

Once they come out, they are beautiful heart shaped creatures that love to hang around as wall hangings with a little nail hole in the back so you can place them on your favorite wall with a hook, or display them on your favorite shelf or showcase display.

Either way you choose to put them at home, they will be very happy to be adopted and will bring all the love and happiness I used when I created them to you, and will put a smile on your face when they warm your heart.

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