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The angel of creativity

The angel of creativity

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You know I am always looking for excuses to create little wood kokeshi dolls collections! They are perfect because I love working on projects at the time and I rarely visit one of the projects, so these collection are perfect for me because I can make a collection while keeping them fresh and exclusive, and it's always such a thrill to work with them. I love to make each one individually unique, with it's own personality.

The holidays are almost here! And to celebrate the cold winter days I created a series of holiday angels in my famous wood kokeshi doll style. This time they are mounted on a wood base decorated with metallic tinsel that glitters when you put them on a window or next to a Christmas tree. 

Their faces have beautiful eyes I painted myself and each one is accessorized with little Christmas trees made of wood with a glittery star on top.

They also have little pipe cleaner wings and other details that will make you love to display them above the fireplace, your dinner table or maybe in your office to get in the festive mood.

Choose your favorite from the collection, and don't walk, run! to the shop before they are adopted and go to their forever homes!

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