Nude girl woman in nature watercolor fine art painting poster print by Danita Art

THE BLOOMING OF ISABEL - Watercolor art poster print by Danita

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Did you miss you favorite Danita painting? Or maybe you are looking for something beautiful to fill a frame or hang on a wall and the original is no longer available? You can get it as a signed print from my shop! Printed on matte paper, each print is signed and ready to be placed in your favorite frame.

I also offer my prints mounted on wood blocks. Each block is hand made and the print carefully mounted and distressed in the borders. I love how they look a little worn by time, but the image is vibrant and highly detailed. 

Poster prints are also available, they come in large sizes and they are perfect for when you are looking for wall art to cover large walls.

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Inspired by Spring, Danita created an astonishing watercolor painting. A naked girl, in touch with her inner nature as she blooms into the world.

Full of symbolism of becoming a woman, the painting is full of delightful details like flowers, butterflies and Danita's signature melancholic eyes on her face.

Se is the promise of beauty as spring blooms into new life.

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