The blue twins

The blue twins

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Although I have two sisters, our age differences is pretty good, so we're not as in tune as I would like, you know, different interests when we were young so I did not have a playmate to go to when I was a kid.

That is why I have always envied the special bond between twins. Two minds in the same body, I find the idea mesmerizing and very intriguing.

Do you share a special connection with your twin sister? This painting celebrates that special bond that only a twin sister can understand. Their delicate watercolor dresses merge and mix the colors between each other, still keeping the individual personality of each girl.

This is a reproduction of an original painting by me, Danita Art. Printed on very high quality paper, it reproduces every little detail of the original for you to enjoy, framed or unframed.

Choose from the different options and sizes offered on my shop and choose your favorite. Paper looks amazing when framed and the wood blocks are ready to hang. Instant decoration options for your favorite corner!

All my prints are printed with high quality fade resistant inks, amazing paper and lots of love :)