The cat lover cut-out art doll by Danita (Digital download), Art Prints by Danita Art

The cat lover cut-out art doll by Danita (Digital download)

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Since I was child I have been obsessed with dolls. Paper dolls that you could cut and then set and dress in a million ways. I would take old JC Penney catalogs an cut the dresses for my dolls. Inspired by those memories, I made original paintings with watercolors, then cut and assembled the dolls. 

Now, I'm happy to offer you the same joy of making your own paper dress-up dolls with my downloadable dolls. All you need is a printer, color pencils, watercolors or acrylics to color them and your imagination.

This is a perfect art project to do on your own, and to share with your kids when you want to spend quality time. After you are done personalizing it, you can play with it, or frame it and proudly hang it on your favorite wall.