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The discovery

The discovery

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When I painted "The Discovery" I was inspired by youth and self discovery. I remembered when I started coming from a child to a woman and how mysterious and strange my body was.

I realized there was a realm to be explored and discovered, and that such a private land should not be share with just anyone.

That is what makes this image so compelling to me, she is inviting you to discover her most private place, dark and full of mysteries.

The vintage circus tent and carnival theme adds even more mystery, I've always felt these places are charged with magic, mystery and enchantment.

And this is how you feel when you wear this handmade necklace designed by me, mixed media artist Danita.

The painting featured on the pendant hanging from the necklace is cute and lovely at first sight, but there are darker and stronger meanings just beneath, waiting to be discovered if you pay attention and take your time, just like your beautiful self.
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