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The Forest fairy, a custom art doll set.

The Forest fairy, a custom art doll set.

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I really love faeries and their woodland stories, they are one of my favorite mythical creature!

I was approached by a loyal customer to create a Christmas gift for her daughter. She likes faeries and she'd like to surprise her on December 25th with a nice gift, so she asked me to create two dolls for her.

The first doll is a 16 inch handmade art doll. Made of muslin and shimmer fabric and hand painted, she has a beautiful and expressive face with very detailed eyes that follow your gaze when you have her in your hands.

The doll is articulated and can be posed in different positions, each articulation has a glass bead on knees and elbows, and she also has very cute slippers with glass pompons on the tips.

And her wings, oh, they are beautiful! They are made of shimmering fabric and with beautiful metallic stitches, they are truly magical and will make the owner a very happy girl on Christmas day.


The second doll is a kokeshi version of the big doll, the little tiny 2 1/2 inches tall miniature is a copy of her big sister, with a hand painted face and body and tiny wings just like the big fairy.


Do you like them? Would you like one just for you? Contact me! I am available for commissions and love working on custom pieces for my customers.

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