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The Photographer

The Photographer

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Whenever I start feeling down or not very creative, I create experimental works that will rekindle the spark of creativity within my soul. I start with simple projects that always end up being something beautiful that starts me going again.

This time, a recurring theme in my art, houses, is what I chose to work just for fun. The little houses have a wooden core that was going to be painted with little decorations, but then as I was going trough my art supplies I found my stash of beeswax and here they are.

They feature a print of one of my favorite paintings, then I painted an abstract background with bright colors, and to finish everything I dipped them in beeswax and carved some drawings in them.

They are a delight for all your senses, the smooth touch of the wax, the colorful imagery and the rich and decadent smell of the beeswax, everything is meant to stimulate your mind and body. Touching them is very therapeutic for me and I bet you will find the experience of enjoying them very relaxing as well.

Keep them on your favorite corner, and the sensory experience will ease you whenever life gets too hectic and fast.

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