A beautiful mixed media original painting by Danita. The Queen is a watercolor and paper collage in town and gold, with iridescent shining details and mesmerizing expressive eyes.
Detail of Danita mixed media crown in gold and brown. Part of the Queen, an original painting.
Danita sings her art to finish all her mixed media collage watercolor paintings and illustrations.
Danita painted the Queen, a beautiful mixed media watercolor and paper collage assemblage original painting illustration.

The Queen

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The queen needs no introduction. You cannot help being mesmerized by her royalty, and bow to her majesty.

Her crown is made with scraps of book pages from the 1920's. I found them on my usual visits to the used book libraries in Mexico, where I pick up beautiful volumes that will be the base for my next mixed media paintings. I used a golden iridescent layer on top, and it shines beautifully when the light hits it.

Her eyes are the most beautiful thing. Painted in gouache and watercolor. they have a mysterious and kinda sorrowful look. It's what makes the art of Danita recognizable instantly.

The queen is painted in watercolor paper. It measures 6 x 9 Inches (15 x 23 cm) and will arrive UNFRAMED. But don't worry, It's packed in a nice gift wrap package. You will love taking it out the sturdy envelope she travels.