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The white rabbit

The white rabbit

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I love EVERYTHING Alice! And this time it's the turn of the white rabbit. I made him into a little 4 inch doll with completely hand made clothes and accessories.

His head is hand sculpted from Spun cotton, with molded ears and a beautiful hand painted face that speaks to you how worried he is because he's running late.

His green coat is made of hand cut and sewn felt from a design of my own, and he is wearing a chained  pocket watch you can put in his hand. Together with his gray pants and red shoes, it's an amazing doll figurine that will look great on your favorite place.

He's just full of details, a fluffy cotton tail, a red silky scarf and yellow shirt, his watch and tiny buttons holding his clothes together. The little doll is articulated in arms, legs and head so you can place him on any position you wish.

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