To Grandma we go, and you'll never be afraid again - Original Painting

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What is the girl afraid of? And why will she never be afraid again? What are they planning to do? Look into her basket, and remember your fairy tales. This one will not bode well for a certain wolf.

This is an original painting by me, mixed media artist Danita Art. Made on a 6"x6"  canvas, the painting has a mix of elements and patina that creates a beautiful vintage and weathered ambiance that gives this original piece a mysterious look. It's part of a much darker and twisted art series I am experimenting with, I like how everything looks very cute and normal until you start looking around the painting to discover their secret plan, hidden in plain sight there are things we know are there, but we choose not to acknowledge them.

Take a look at the closeup details to discover rich textures, delicate brushstrokes and beautiful, expressive and soulful eyes. Everything combines to create a one of a kind piece of art made with acrylics and a ton of love.