Two minds, one body

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Twins have always been a subject of the outmost curiosity for me. I find it fascinating that two minds share the same body, and how strange will it be for me to see myself walking around and doing things on her own. Very curious indeed.

Thinking about my long lost twin that may be around somewhere in the world, I took my beeswax and encaustic tools and made this beautiful mixed media collage painting.

Two sisters walking the same path, together with an unbreakable bond. Their paper collage floral sundresses and their empty birdcage are made with paper I cut myself and then dipped in beeswax.

Their lovely mixed media faces have beautiful red lips, rosy cheeks and the most beautiful baby blue eyes.

Everything on tis mixed media collage painting by me, Danita, is covered with real beeswax and then decorated with encaustic paint, with freehand drawings and carving to give the piece a very unique and original look.

The red bird perched on top of one of the twin sisters is also an encaustic work of art, with tiny details adorning the bird, her crimson body and her blue wings.

Enjoying it will stimulate all your senses, your eyes feast on the beautiful image, your fingers feel the smoothness of the beeswax and your nose will be delighted with the rich scent of  honey emanating from it.