With my latest watercolor paintings

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Up close and personal

A lot of people asked if you could see more images of my watercolors, specially in detail.
I felt obliged and I shot a short video with very close details of many of the watercolor paintings waiting for adoption. Enjoy!  

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Watercolors like rain

As an artist, it is necessary to be in continuous renewal, or you run the risk of being immobilized and frozen. To me, change is a needed evolution an I always go out and do new things, techniques and materials to learn more and more. I know my lifetime will not be enough to learn all I want, and I wish to try everything.

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The importance of playing

I decided to just play with my watercolor paintings to get over a non creative spell, and it turned out to be a great idea.

After watching the paint swirl and create random forms on the paper, I felt my inspiration come back and before I knew it, I had a new collection of paintings to share.

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The Art Of Danita

Original Paintings

I work on a myriad of different mediums and themes that depict my everyday moods and the important events on my life.

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Art Dolls

A part of my soul and my daily experiences is embedded on each one of my handmade fabric dolls and paper clay sculptures. 

Adopt one today!

Miniature Dolls

Mini kokeshi wood dolls created with with lots of love

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Online classes and tutorials

Learn all about my process and the techniques I use on my mixed media and art dolls

Handcrafted Jewelry

Because I believe that art should NOT be just for walls.

Decorate the most sacred gallery: Your beautiful body.

The Print Shop

Art prints and other decorative items featuring the whimsical and surreal art of Danita.

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Artwork that found a forever home


About me


Lover of rainy days. Doll maker. Painter. Creator of beauty.

I am an artist, and art is my life.

To me, creation is not a choice, but an imperative from the inscrutable exhortations from my soul.

I must create to feel alive, and to let my mind flow in peace, exploring every corner of the worlds I create.

Everything I create is inspired by my personal experiences and memories, my emotions and moods will always shape the things I paint and the art dolls I create.

I chose mixed media, watercolors and hand sculpted art dolls to express my emotions.

I only paint females, concentrating on expressing emotions and feelings trough colors and shapes without much thought on how realistic they should be.

On my paintings and my dolls everything is dreamy, surreal and whimsical. Everything except for the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, and I really express myself trough the eyes of my creations. Their sadness, sorrow, anger and joy are instantly recognizable, and you can feel the emotions I felt when I was in the process of creation pouring out of them.

A day in the life

Follow my everyday adventures in and out of the studio when you follow my social media feeds.

You'll find my works in progress, new artworks and the occasional peak into my personal spaces.

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