Little Red Riding Hood

My obsession with her fairy tale took me on a new art journey with original watercolor hand painted paper dolls.


Beautiful paintings full of emotion in their eyes

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Learn mixed media techniques with Danita

An Art Retreat with Danita

Join me in Enumclaw, WA for a 4 day retreat with me as your art teacher.

September 21st - 24th, 2017

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How to clean your soft pastels

Mu favorite pastels are Sennelier. Their color pigmentation is unmatched. Unfortuantley, they tend to get dirty very quick as I use them. I will show you how to keep them clean and looking like new.

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EVER AFTER 2017: Meet me in Wonderland

Come with me, Alice and the white rabbit on an amazing adventure in Wonderland as I teach you how to paint Alice in my latest collaborative online class, EVER AFTER 2017


My Classes and Workshops

Creating art is not everything. Sharing what you know makes you great too.

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