Spring keeps on springing here at home, I'm done painting and my creative soul is itching for something new to create! I had a set of porcelain pendants I made last year that were waiting to be illustrated, but I could not bring myself to making them. I needed the perfect idea for this series.


Once I finished my beautiful flower series (Available here!) I thought that I could continue with the spring theme, so I painted them in black watercolor underglaze with my favorite botanical themes, ferns, flowers and a forest fairy just because.



So, into the kiln they go for their firing, where they set into this beautiful deep black color covered in shiny clear glaze. They came out perfect! All I needed now was a chain and they were going to be ready for adoption.



This time I wanted something more than just plain gunmetal and old brass metal, so I decided to take a dive into my natural stone and glass bead stash and really personalized each of the necklaces with real natural semi-precious stones.

Something about the textures on the embedded minerals reminds of tiny moss forests, wild jungles and tall woodlands that live there, so they are perfect for this!

I think Jewelry is very personal, not only because we wear it always in contact with our bodies, but also because to me, that contact also means connection. I feel connected to every piece of jewelry that I own, each one has a special memory and meaning attached it to it, and when I wear them, I am imbued again with the power of those memories.

I want you to connect to a warm, special memory from your past the very first time you see your necklace. Think about a special walk in the forest, the scent of a favorite meal, or a happy day spent with a loved one when you receive your package.



I'm working on editing the images and creating the shop listings so you can adopt them, but out of the sudden, Loki, our resident black wizard and god of mischief decided it was time for sitting on the keyboard for pets, cuddles and chasing the mouse pointer and I must oblige.




So, the update will be ready early next week. Stay tuned for a newsletter for early adoption access to these amazing one of a kind necklaces. Are you a member yet?

Love, Danita.

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