I had a wonderful time with my kids!

Halloween is a BIG event at home. Everyone is eager to celebrate as the days get sorter and cooler and the Halloween decorations start to appear everywhere and it's time to break out our decorations and the kids start planning what their costumes will be, and then, the day comes.

My son wanted to go as Harry Potter, he's a super big fan of the books and it was the perfect opportunity to dress up like him, we took some of the wire I use for my doll skeletons from the studio and I made his glasses.

Loki, our resident god of mischief agreed to pose with him in exchange for a big kitty treat tribute.

My daughter is a big Pokémon fan, so she decided to go as Mimikyu. I really don't know much about Pokémon, they are all "Pikachu something" so I told her she was gong as "Fake Pikachu" and I got a good telling off and a good laugh.

She likes to pick up obscure obscure characters from her favorite books and videogames that not everyone recognizes, but when eventually someone does, it makes her day. This year was no exception, when a four year old yelled "Mimikyu!" and pointed out at her, her face lit up.

He's still a kid, so he ran around in yards, rolled in the grass and pretty much had a blast at every house that was kind enough to give out candy. He's a goofy clown, and did not miss an opportunity to have good good hearted fun. He's really pondering if he should trust the ringmaster... or not.

We've been coming here for a long time and this picture is very bitter sweet. I've been asking her to pose on the same bench with the different decorations for the last 16 years and I know that it won't be very long before she will start going with her friends instead of us, so I will savor every Halloween moment I can get.

And just like that, it got late, porch lights started to turn off and candy started run out, and it was time to go home with a HUGE Halloween loot, and I got my share of Mom Tax, of course!

I did not wear a costume this year, but I got this amazing T-Shirt that goes perfect with one of my favorite sweaters and now it can be Halloween all year long. It's so Kitsch and I LOVE IT!

Now it's time to start getting ready for Day of The Dead tomorrow. IT's a HUGE thing in Mexico and we're having two parades, one on each side of the border. I Hope it is a great as Halloween!

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