Why Darknita?

Well, I have battled depression all my life, and on my darkest hours my deepest fears, my darkest horrors and the most dreadful voices talk to me. When it begins, I feel the descent to darkness and there's noting I can do, except get ready to battle the dementors that will come after my soul.

Everything seems pointless and I just descend to a dark place where I have to battle my demons alone. I have tried many things, but science provided me nothing but foggy days and a numb soul that feels neither sorrow nor happiness.

The only weapon that proved to be effective in slaying my demons has been art. Jut like I let my dream world out into the open with my paintings, there is a world of nightmares that I unleash. I can art them into shape and I have absolute control of who they are, where they go and what they do. I become their master and I can decide their fate with the power of my hands.

It's a private world of sketchbooks and very personal pieces that live private and quiet lives on my studio shelves, until now. Today I share this world with you as my catharsis. They are out of my mind and into the world, and they can't harm anyone any more.