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This is a limited edition collection of handmade embossed intaglio art prints, individually created using an ancient embossing technique called "intaglio". 

Thanks to the artisan embossing process, each print is an original work of art numbered and signed by me, Danita Art.

Printed with archival quality inks on acid free cotton paper, each print ships individually wrapped in a cello bag, artfully wrapped like a vintage package.

--- Want to know a little bit more about the process? Keep reading! ---

I start by creating a detailed carving, just like an original drawing as the original matrix, and that is an original work of art on it's own.

I cover the matrix with ink it and use a hand cranked press to emboss the matrix on very high quality paper to produce a beautiful original positive image, each one embedded on the paper and with different values and ink textures created by the artisan nature of the process.

This produces a high quality art print that is never to be repeated, making it a beautiful original work of art by Danita Art that can be framed to enjoy on your favorite wall.

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