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Alice the devilish girl.

Alice the devilish girl.

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Halloween is the perfect opportunity for me to create darker and stranger pieces that derive from my mainstream paintings and dolls, and given that it's one of my favorite holidays, I let myself go when creating art for the season.

This time I took 3" X 3" wood blocks and created original portraits on each one of them. Each one has a very distinctive personality, whimsical and mysterious at the same time.

Every single one has a story to tell behind their mixed media eyes, their lively faces and colorful hair.

To create them I used an alchemy of acrylics, pastels, oils and pencils that create a dark and powerful atmosphere without being creepy or horrific. Their power lies on more subtle lines. They are cute, until you look closer. Their eyes tell you they have secrets, and they will not give them up easily.

They look great together as a  group on a table or shelf, and they prefer if you take them in mischievous groups, but you can also choose your favorite one and take it home. They won't mind.


* Please keep in mind that these blocks are not drilled in the back, so you will need to use a fastener to keep them on a wall.

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