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She is sweet soul and a fierce explorer. Just like Renata, she spends her time in books, but instead of cute fluffy animals, she sails with pirates, explores the deepest jungles and fights evil wizards in search for the most fantastic treasures you could imagine.

Every doll has a part of myself in her, sometimes I am inspired to make them by my emotions, sometimes on my personality. She is like me, loves to explore the amazing fantasy worlds of books.

Anastasia has a beautiful sculpted face with the most beautiful eyes you will ever see, there is a melancholy and emotion in them that it's hard to describe, but once you see her you will fall in love with her and will never want to let her go.

The clothes she is wearing are completely designed and sewn by me from original patters I design. I love the combination of green and brown and the texture of her dress. She is girly, but she is also ready for adventure at a moment's notice.

Another thing that makes her so unique is her hands and legs, created with liquid ceramics I pour and decorate to make give her even more original characteristics to turn her into a unique work of art.

She measures about 13 inches tall, with a soft body and moving hands and legs so you can place her on your favorite shelf, and she will look amazing inside a standing glass case or sitting on a shelf, where you can display this amazing work of art, an original mixed media doll by me, Danita Art.

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