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I think Jewelry is very personal, not only because we wear it always in contact with our bodies, but also because to me, that contact also means connection.

I feel connected to every piece of jewelry that I own. Each one has a special memory and meaning attached it to it, and when I wear them, I am imbued again with the power of those memories.

I want you to connect to a warm, special memory from your past the very first time you see your necklace. Think about a special walk in the forest, the scent of a favorite meal, or a happy day spent with a loved one when you receive your package.

I had this feeling in mind when I sat down and gathered natural stones, glass beads and porcelain pendants to create each one of the necklaces on my ceramic jewelry collection.

Something I really loved about this collection is how the images, which were in the beginning sharp and defined, suddenly took a dreamlike quality after the firing, some fading a bit and looking like if I was looking at the thin veil that separates reality from our dreams, it looks like I created a portal to peer into the realm of our memories and emotions. 

You too can imbue your necklace with the magic of your memories, so that when you wear it again, I the beautiful hand painted image on it reminds you of what drew you to it the first time you saw it, and that it lingers with you as long as you wear it.

Perfect for any style, this little necklace will be the perfect fashion accessory in any occasion. No matter if your event is a casual gathering with friends, or a fancy fashionable dinner, the memories and experiences you remember when you wear it will make you shine.

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