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Belle is a lovely by very shy girl, she has the key to her locked heart hanging from her neck. Who will be the one to finally open the lock?

You are looking at an original handmade doll by Danita Art. She has a sculpted paper clay head and an articulated head that you can pose any way you like when you adopt her from my  shop.

She measures approximately 11 inches tall (27 cm) and her body is made of hand sewn muslin, with hand cast arms and legs, one of them is a little broken, just like her heart. Her hand made clothes are beautiful green fabric, with keys and locks stamped with ink in her dress. Her belt also has a keyhole pattern, as well as the pocket in her dress.

Around her neck is a metallic key in antique brass patina that you can place in her hand. Her hair is made of wool and can be braided or left to your personal styling, she has a red bow topping her head too.

Her face is astonishingly life like, she has little freckles, and the most expressive green eyes you've ever seen. As you tilt her head to play with her, you, she seems to be paying attention to what you have to say to her.

Like all my dolls, she is an original piece that will never be repeated, and with lots of love in her heart for you.

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