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This adorable handmade fabric mini figurine art doll was made by me, Idania Salcido, the artist behind Danita Art.

Like all my hand made art dolls, it begins with a piece of hand dyed fabric, using organic materials like walnuts, avocados, rust and other herbal and natural pigments that I prepared my studio by hand. Then, I bake a real ceramic face with locally sourced clay that I also sculpt, mold, paint and fire with local sources to create a beautiful, one of a kind work of fiber art that is 100% hand made.

The combination of natural materials creates an amazingly organic feel, it looks like I just found these critters on the forest of Danita Land and I invited them to come and live in my studio while they look for a forever home where they will be loved and cherished in their natural beauty. The clay used on their faces is rough and organic by design, because I love the look of things that are made that way, not flawless, but still perfect in their rough, raw beauty.

Each doll represents one of my sprit animals. I love to imagine they are filled with the power of the creature they represent as I make them, And I put so much love into them, that a little piece of my should goes to live in each of them.

When you adopt one of my creations, you are not only adopting a beautiful object to share my creativity and passion, you are also taking a little piece of my heart and love that will grow when you hold this little piece in your hands.

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