Danita live art workshop classes and retreat, learn mixed media painting, encaustic collage, watercolor painting and hand made art doll making

An art retreat with Danita

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I am honored to be teaching a four day retreat on September 21 - 24, 2017 in Northwest country art retreats in Enumclaw, WA.

If you have ever wondered where my style came from, how I paint the whimsical and surreal images from my mixed media paintings, how I create my watercolor girls, or how I give life to my big eyed handmade dolls, this is the perfect opportunity to learn with me!

Anyone who has taken a class with me knows that I don't hold back anything. I love to share and see you grow. Together we will work on art projects that will give you the confidence to make your own encaustic collages with delicious smelling beeswax, magical watercolor paintings, mixed media creations and a beautiful handmade doll for you to keep.

We will be bonding together for four days as I share my secret and techniques with you on an all inclusive experience in a beautiful and tranquil setting, together with nature and in view of beautiful mount Rainer.

 You can choose the full retreat, including meals and lodging and a wonderful experience chatting about anything, or individual days (Lodging optional) if you are looking for a shorter stay as you learn your favorite subject with me.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to make friends, art and to nurture the artist within you, and I will be delighted to meet you there.