Danita the artist is a rebellious kid. My nature demands it. I left the easy life to become an artist and this pencil and watercolor mixed media drawing and mixed media painting in pencil charcoal and watercolor is a tribute to that nature.


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What can I say? I am a rebel at heart. Always fighting for what is fair. Never settling, always on the move. Never conforming to what I was supposed to be. That's how I ended up as an artist.

Experimenting is part of being a rebel, and this is how this mixed media drawing came to be. This girl is kind of a self portrait. My spirit is there. In her paper collage dress, made with pieces from a Mexican book from the 1930's. I am there in the dark pencil lines. In the watercolor background. Subtly, but I am there.

If you are a rebel too, indulge your rebellious nature with this one of a kind drawing. It will fit perfectly in your home, your office or your favorite corner. It's a reminder to stay strong with our convictions, and never back down. We are rebels after all.

The original drawing by Danita measures 5 x 7 Inches, made using graphite, charcoal, color pencils, watercolor and paper collage. It is send UNFRAMED, but you can purchase the frame if you are interested, just send me a message on the note to the seller.