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Birthday girl

Birthday girl

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The handcrafted art dolls by Danita have beautiful sculpted faces in paperclay and luminous eyes that appear to be alive. Each one of her dolls is unique and has a cheerful personality, and her handmade clothes and accessories make them even more special and one of a kind work of art.

Everything is perfect on this art doll, the mixed media techniques I used to paint the doll face and her paper clay sculpted face are the same ones I use on my paintings, so it's like I took one of my Danita original art and turned into a real girl. 

I wanted to make a doll that looked like a little girl without it looking infantile, it was kind of a trip down to memory lane for my childhood, and on this paper clay and fabric art doll I found the inspiration I was looking for.

She is all dressed up for a party, with a gift in one hand, a cake in the other and a red paper mache balloon that floats from her hand. The effect of her being a little girl is accentuated by how I made her bright blown glass eyes and dressed her in a colorful handmade dress with blue and red flowers and her party hat with a pompom on top. And did you see her boots? They are made from resin I pour on vintage molds from early 20th century and then hand paint each one to be the perfect match for her outfit. 

Her little legs are hanging from a chair too tall for her, just like when I was a kid and I was invited to a party but I had to wait to get there, or maybe sit on the host's living room while the party started.

And now, she is looking for a forever home where she can attend tea and birthday parties with you. She will be delighted to be your guest, eat cake, open gifts and have lots of fun.

*Please note that the chair and cake are not included with this doll. The rest of the accessories will go with your beautiful adoptable art doll by Danita.

Are you interested in reserving this doll in an installment plan? Just send me an email to and we can arrange 3 months layaway. :)

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