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Mariana came completely out of nowhere. My new graphite pencils came on the mail and I test them. I was lazily drawing on a piece of watercolor paper, and she appeared.

She has a very sweet face, drawn with charcoal and graphite. A little dab of color in her cheeks and the flower in her hair, and nothing more.

It is a very simple drawing but it's full of emotion. You can see it in her eyes. There's a secret hiding just beneath the surface of her face. It's up to you to discover what it is. Once you adopt her, she will tell you.

My little drawings fit any art style. No matter what you like, there's a Danita original for you. They can be placed on your coffee table, your favorite wall or a shelf next to your bed. Every corner deserves a little bit of beauty.

The painting was made in charcoal, graphite and color pencils. It measures 4x6 Inches (10 x 15 cm) Arrives UNFRAMED, but if you are interested I can send it framed to you, just send me a note when you purchase her.

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