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Christina is a simple girl. She was drawn that way.But being simple does not mean she is not beautiful. Her black hair frames her face, and her cheeks give her the perfect touch of color.

She is part of my experimental watercolor series. Whenever I get a creative block, or when I want to try out new things, I start experimenting. I get my watercolor paintings and just let myself flow. The results always please me, and I love sharing them with you.

And I bet you will love to have Christina home with you. She will be a wonderful wall decoration when you put her in a frame that matches your tastes. Or maybe she can be placed in your desk, where you can see her beautiful face.

She measures 6x6 Inches (15 x 15 cm), made in a monochrome palette in watercolors. Arrives UNFRAMED, and if you are interested in the frame I show her, let me know in the comments to the seller.

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