Danita painted a green mermaid with big eyes using watercolor paints.
Enjoy a little painting by Danita, and watch her being with created with watercolors on a timelapse video.
A detail image of a nude mermaid in watercolor painting by Danita Art
Danita painted beautiful details on this watercolor painting on metal. An original artwork by the famous mixed media artist, Danita Art.

The mermaid

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Danita painted a beautiful mermaid using watercolors. Painted on a thin metal frame, it is ready to hang when you adopt it.

Her name is Ariana. She likes to comb her green hair, then cover it with a fish hat. They say the sailors and fishermen love it, and this mermaid loves to be admired and told she is beautiful.

The painting has beautiful details. The mermaid has big, green eyes. They are very expressive, a signature of Danita's amazing mixed media work. You can always recognize the paintings Danita makes by her eyes. They are beautiful, a little sad, but full of life.

Ariana the mermaid has a big tail, and she is wearing a beautiful necklace. Danita painted it with yellow seashells. And this mermaid wears starfish earrings too.
The skin has a beautiful texture, you can see lots of detail when you look close, and the background is the color of the ocean waves.

The image is painted on a metal frame. It measures Approx. 8" x 6" inches, and the painting measures 5.5" x 3.5" inches.
It is ready to hang on your favorite wall, it has a piece of thread on the back, so you can hang it when you unpack it.

It's a perfect gift for someone who loves mermaids, fantasy art or unique images. Danita packs the painting with gift wrap, she like to use a vintage style gift wrap, using brown paper and twine. If this painting is a gift, you are covered!

The painting is not too big, not too small and looks great hanging on any wall, maybe in you home, or maybe in your office where you can see it all day.