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Red riding wolf

Red riding wolf

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I love when I paint things that are not quite there. when you give it a second look, new details appear. Like this little red riding hood. On your first glance, it's a cute girl, big green eyes and a read cloak.

But if you look again, you realize she has ears. Wolf ears. Why does he have wolf ears? Is she coming or going to grandma's house? What happened there? You can't help but wonder.

This is an original Danita watercolor painting. It was created with the painting travel kit available here on my store. All I used was a single brush, 12 colors and some watercolor paper. It was that easy! And you can do it too!

The original watercolor painting by Danita measures 5 x 7 Inches. Arrives UNFRAMED. You can choose to display it like that, or you can choose to custom frame it, or trim it to your liking on your favorite frame.

If you love fairy tales, this painting it's perfect. It will look great on a desk, or as wall decoration when you frame it.

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