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Frida Tehuana

Frida Tehuana

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I've been meaning to make this painting for a long time. I drew inspiration from an original from Frida. I imagined how Frida would look on my style, wearing a traditional Mexican attire from the native Zapotec Mexican tribes.

Finally, I found the perfect illustration in a 1865 book. I love going shabby bookstores and libraries and I found this gem.It served as the perfect base for a drawing of Frida's face in pencil. I embellished everything using watercolor and other collage and mixed media techniques. I used typewriter type with my original 1920's Remington with brown ribbon. It's perfect for that vintage look!

The original illustration measures 6x8 inches. Made on mixed media paper, and arrives matted on a creamy and textured mat. ready to be mounted on your favorite frame! 

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